Equine Supplements For Breeders


Quarter Horses

Whether a top competitor or weekend trail rider, we all want the same respect and responsiveness from our horses. Maximum Performance will allow your horse to give you 100 percent.

– Clinton Anderson

I’ve been very impressed with the results of using your product. It is easy to use and when mixed with my mare’s grain, she eats it easily. Our mare’s heart rate recovery on endurance rides has been excellent and she looks like a million bucks. Everyone at the ride comments on her and I give a lot of the credit to your product. She has never looked or performed better.

– Gerald O. Thompson

In March 1999, I started using Maximum for my mare that had been injured, suffering a deep cut just above the left-rear fetlock. The cut was to the bone injuring the leg and ankle with a lot of ligament damage. An injury so severe it would take a year or longer for healing and even then it would be questionable as to her use under saddle. The mare was fed 5 ounces of Maximum Performance every day. I called my vet in June to examine that mare. She was examined, then shod, and put back under saddle in less than 3 months after the injury. Today, the mare is on the Double B Ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas being ridden every week to check cattle.

– Don Bain

We’ve been using Maximum Performance for two years now. We put of a lot of pressure on our horses as we attend most of the major events for barrel racing in the southeast. Since being on MP, our horses handle stress much better, travel better, look better, and just have fewer nagging problems. The improvement in the hoof quality is amazing, and they hold up well, to the demands of big time Barrel Racing, and the hardship of the Florida winters.

– Diane Roberts

Since implementing Maximum Performance some four months ago, there have been noticeable improvements in skin and coat, stronger hooves, and in some horses, even slight behavior improvements. I have and will continue to recommend this product to my clients.

– Charles Wilhelm

I have a five year old mare that never cycles out of heat, she gets so nervous she cannot stand her self before a run and today a week after being on Maximum Performance, she was as calm, cool and collected as she had ever been during exhibitions, I am so excited!!!

I also injured my shoulder when I landed on it last year. In 2014 I thought the next step was surgery since I had very limited movement without pain. In September 2014, I started my horses and myself on Maximum Performance within a month I got full range of motion back in my shoulder with NO PAIN!!!

Then I saw tremendous results in my horses who were worn down after getting home from the summer run. (BB Frenchgirl had a hamstring injury) In October, JB Famous and I went on to win Reserve World Champion at the WPRA finals 2014 and qualifying for the American in Glen Rose, Tx. In November, after only 3 runs, BB Frenchgirl ended up 5th at the AQHA World Finals in Oklahoma City!

I no longer have to worry about ULCERS in my horses due to the stressful conditions when we are on the road, My horses and I don’t go a day without taking our Maximum Performance!! What we do is a team sport, without my horses sound and healthy, I do not get the luxury of doing what I love. Thanks Maximum Performance!

– Taylor Langdon

Our horses have been on MP for a little over 2 weeks. They are way more focused and they are in better shape inside and out with increased oxygen and more muscle mass. We even used it on horses that we thought were ok, and their improvement was amazing as well. My husband is 46 years old and started taking Maximum Performance Dietary Supplement 2 weeks ago. He has played hockey and rode Bareback horses in rodeo that left him with sore hips and elbows. Using massage and chiropractors and of course ibuprofen everyday. He is pain and ibuprofen free, he can’t believe the difference and says ”if our horses feel as good as he does we will be in the winners circle a lot!” Thank you Maximum Performance you have very happy customers equine and human.

– Sheila Berg, ND

Max performance is one of the best products on the market today for us and our horses. I am a skeptic and didn’t think it was working until i quit taking it for a few days and began to get sore again. I am a firm believer in this product! After a hip surgery, it got me back a month before I was supposed to be and was feeling great. Not to mention my number 1 steer horse is sound again after about 3 years of soundness issues. Max performance is a great product that works and is inexpensive. Approximately $30 a month per horse. Check them out!
Guymon was very good to me this year. Won Rd 5 and placed in 2 more and 4 in avg. Blessed with great draws all week and met some awesome individuals in my week stay there. God has been so good to me and continues to bless me.

– Brody Poppino

Race Horses

Raised by Clyde Stevens and trained by Ronnie Guhy. Bred on Maximum Performance. Raised on Maximum Performance. Trained and raced on Maximum Performance. Breaking Track Records for Breeder Clyde Stevens, and setting a World Record for New Owner, Lloyd Arnold. Nine Races, eight firsts, including a World Record Performance at Springfield, IL as a two year old in 2003. Neither joint injections nor blisters were required for this superior athlete.
Guymon was very good to me this year. Won Rd 5 and placed in 2 more and 4 in avg. Blessed with great draws all week and met some awesome individuals in my week stay there. God has been so good to me and continues to bless me.

– Chevie Duramax

He was purchased in May of last year for $300.000.00. They sold him because they thought he was at his best at 51:00 at a mile. After ninety days and the only thing they changed was adding Maximum Performance, he took three seconds off his time and set the World Record as a Three Year Old.

– Quick Pulse Mendale

He is a Full Brother to Chevie Duramax and has been racing on Maximum Performance Supplement and is The 2004 Fastest Two Year Old Gelding (just a tick off the World Record currently held by Chevie Duramax and winner of 9 of 10 starts).

– Chevie Cash

Erv Miller says Loyal Opposition was Aged Mare of the Year 2004 and gives a lot of credit for her success to Maximum Performance. She recovered quickly, had a great kick at the end of the race, and remained in peak performance. She Broke the Track Record and Stakes Record at the Lady Liberty Final and Equaled the World Record.

– Erv Miller

I bought this horse from the Amish, they said he was too small as a two yr old and had 2 bad coffin bones. The vet said he would never race. So, I doubled up on the Maximum Performance. Started training June as a 2yr old, First yr racing Won $12,000 (7 races total)Racing as a three yr old, Always first or second place, won $18,000. As a three yr old, he was Tough To Beat. Because of MP he wanted to race. He was happy in the stall, had lots of stamina, yet easy to handle, he finished really good. Three/eighths last in the race, Always on Top and in the front for the finish. Maximum Performance helped him to finish on top and recover quickly.

– Grubbs Racing

I am a true believer in Maximum Performance. You have to give the body everything it needs in order for it to develop and function correctly. When you have a strong and stable foundation… You can build anything you want to on top of it. The great thing about Maximum Performance is not only does it supply the body with the much needed and often missing minerals, but it also flushes the body of toxins, chemicals and byproducts that slow down and clog our natural processes.

Phoenix Hotel is a prime example. He is a 4 year old thoroughbred racehorse that had 19 starts and NO wins. He was plagued with a few problems. When we got him we put him immediately on Maximum Performance. Within the first week he was castrated and went through throat surgery to correct a breathing issue. Maximum Performance helped him by flushing the drug residuals out of his systems faster and helped him to a more speedy recovery.

After only 3 weeks on Maximum Performance, Phoenix Hotel made his 20th start and blew away the competition! He had a closing drive that he never had before and won by 2 1/2 lengths. Check out his past performances and race replays to see it for yourself…

Every horse we own is now and will permanently be Maximum Performance horses. Our racehorses, broodmares and foals will benefit from Maximum Performance as it is now a rule in our stable. Thank you Maximum Performance!

– Ashlie Howell (Trainer) & Katie Boldma


Breeding Horses

Van Bert Farms has been using and selling Maximum Performance for the past 3 years. Since using this product, our horses have won over 50 World Championships. In our band of 75 Mountain Horse brood mares, we have experienced 98% conception rate. Our horses travel extensively covering 15 states and Canada, performing in shows and exhibitions and are always in peak condition and ready to entertain. Shiny coats and strong hooves are trademarks of Van Bert Farms. Maximum Performance has certainly made a difference in our business at Van Bert Farms.

– Van Bert Farms LLC | Stanton, KY

We at Full Moon Farm, noticed an immediate difference after putting our stock on Maximum Performance. The most convincing cases were the reality of actually being successful in getting a mare in foal that we had been trying to breed for two years. The other noticeable change was in our breeding stallion, The Grand Collection, who normally begins to slow down and show signs of weakness in his coat and hooves during the time we are heavily breeding him and continue to keep him in active training schedule. With Grande on Maximum Performance, we had no downtime and were pleased to see an improvement in his hooves. A noticeable change was in our breeding stallion, The Grand Collection, who normally begins to slow down and show signs of weakness in his coat and hooves during the time we are heavily breeding him and continue to keep him in active training schedule. With Grande on Maximum Performance, we had no downtime and were pleased to see an improvement in his hooves.

– Lindy Holt

I own Exodus Farm and raise saddlebred horses. Last breeding season, we had a lot of trouble with our breeding stallion , Santana Safari. He had lost weight and we were having a rough time getting it back on. We tried everything from beet pulp, rice bran to calf manna and more. He would pick it up for a while then lose it again. Also, he became sluggish to work. We started him on Maximum Performance. Now, we had heard all the claims and, to be honest, didn’t really believe them. Still, we thought that it couldn’t hurt to try the product as nothing else has worked so far. It worked. He began putting on weight as well as having all increased appetite. His coat shines like a copper penny. His eyes are bright and he is very alert. His personality has really come alive, almost like he has woke up. He is no longer sluggish to work, he is anxious to get out and get going. He also pays more attention to his work, he acts like a young horse. Needless to say, this product made a believer out of me. Now all my horses arc on it. One mare arrived at our farm with terrible hooves. Once she was started on Maximum Performance, there was a radical difference. Last time she had her hooves done, the farrier said she had the best feet in the barn.

– Beth — Exodus Farm

We have a 16-year-old, Tennessee Walker gelding, Ed, that was lame in its shoulder. Our farrier found no problems with Ed’s hooves. For us, it was hard to figure out Ed’s lameness. We tried chiropractic and acupuncture. It helped for a week or two and then he was lame again. We had x-rays done on his joints figuring his big lick days took their toll. Surprisingly we found very little arthritis. The vet recommended giving him Bute and Glucosomine, resting him until he improved.

After 3 months, Ed was steadily getting worse. We asked Howard Roberts to look at Ed. He found Ed to be sore in his stifle joint, muscles across his rump, and a very sore shoulder. Ed also had a very sad eye. We started him on M. P. and in 20 days noticed a big improvement. 4 months later we are riding Ed, and he is as smooth and natural as he always was. He runs and bucks in the pasture along with the yearlings, and that worried look in his face is gone.They also have an 18 year-old mare, Emily.

She needed shots for ovulation to get her to settle in foal. Every other year she would not stay settled between her 1st and 3rd month. After 60 days on M. P. Emily cycled with no shots, was bred naturally, and she was ultra-sounded in foal at 18 days and 3 months. Emily’s coat and overall condition is much improved and we are now waiting on a spring foal. All of our horses have more luxurious, shiny coats, very healthy hooves, and cool down much faster after working. All these things are the result of Maximum Performance.

– Andy & Diana Enneking

My daughter went to a horse sale in the summer of ’98. A red dune gelding was brought in the ring that she really liked, so she bid on him and wound up the happy owner. When she went to load him that night after the sale, she found out that he was a lot older than they said he was. In fact, when they said he was a smooth mouth, they must have meant he didn’t have any teeth. When we got him home, we found he had a much greater problem. He had arthritis really bad in one front knee. I have no idea how much bute he had to have for him not to limp in the ring that night. It was dangerous to try to ride him because he would fall. We had him on Maximum Performance for 3 weeks and the limp was gone. We live in an area where fescue grass is dominant over the entire pasture. I have spent thousands of dollars trying to save colts that were born to mares with no milk. This doesn’t even count the colts that were born dead or couldn’t get out of the sack. Since I’ve been feeding Maximum Performance free choice, I have not lost even one colt, the mares milk like a milk cow, and the colts grow and mature faster than any I’ve ever raised. The brood mares breed back quicker and I haven’t missed getting any of them back in foal. I have not found one claim that Maximum Performance has made that wasn’t true.

– Dave Roberts

As a horse owner I am pleased that Maximum Performance keeps my horses looking good and performing well. As a farrier, I appreciate the fact that it keeps horses’ feet more solid and holding up better with less chipping, cracking, and less throwing shoes. As a spotted horse breeder, I am pleased that my 12 mares that I bred this year all conceived without any repeats. It doesn’t get much better than that.

– Clinton Blacksmith Shop & Farbig Farm

After years of raising colts, we started feeding Maximum Performance to our horses. The change in their coats, feet, and general appearance has been remarkable. This year we have the Reserve World Champion filly! We give credit to Maximum Performance for her wonderful condition when she was born. We recommend it to anyone.

– Fletcher & Sharon Griffin

I have been involved with breeding and showing Missouri Fox Trotting Horses for more than 35 years. I met Howard Roberts and was introduced to Maximum Performance in February 01 at Equifest Of Kansas. I was basically interested in MP for my Retired World Grand Championship Stallion Duke The Commander. Duke pictured here at age 31 years old is still settling mares. A couple of months later I put Duke on MP, I started my six year old show stallion, Whirlwind’s Black Smoke on MP. Within a couple of months I could see this was helping so I started giving MP to all the horses in the barn. I notice a better hair coat, hoof improvement and more stamina in the show horses.

Whirlwind’s Black Smoke had more drive than ever in the show ring, winning the Amateur Four Years & Older Stallion & Gelding Class and fourth in the Championship at the 2001 Fox Trotting Celebration. When I wean my foals I always add some supplements to their grain ration. This year I only added Maximum Performance to their regular ration and these babies are really growing and developing. This product is tremendous for weanlings, yearlings, two-year-olds and horses of any age. I have found the young horses simply grow and develop faster and the working horses have more stamina and drive. I am very pleased with the results of Maximum Performance.

– Duke The Commander

I am a Fresian horse breeder in North Florida where the weather conditions can play havoc on our horses hooves. Since putting my horses on Maximum performance mineral & vitamin horse supplement, I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of their hooves. I also have many people commenting on their hair coats expressing that their coats are so shiny. Other things that I’ve noticed a difference in is the strength of the foals from the moment of birth and how fast they were able to stand. Also, one of my mares has never been able to pass her placenta after foaling on her own, and this year she did. I already had a call into the vet for him to come out and assist and before he could come, I had to call him back and tell him to cancel because she had passed it on her own. I expect things to continue to get better as I continue using this product.

– Lydia Von Borstel

I want you to know how pleased I am with Maximum Performance. Not only has it helped all our show horses, but I have a 9 year old spotted horse, Scout, who has ring bone. I know there is no cure for that. But, I started giving him Maximum Performance, Oct 26, 1996. The day after the Southern Championship he has or rather he had a real bad deep limp when he walked and couldn’t run any more. By January 1, 1997, his deep limp had deep limp had turned into a very light limp and when I go to the gate to call him in the evening all the horses would run to the gate but Scout. He would limp up to the gate. It took him a long time. A week or so ago, I called him and he came running with the rest of the horses. I got tears in my eyes when I saw him run. He also kicks up his heels now when he’s been in the stall for a few days at a time. Before, he couldn’t kick up his heels. I am so thankful for Maximum Performance if it never does anything else, I am thankful for what it did for Scout. Our show horses hooves are thicker and healthy. Their hair looks better. Thank you so much for telling us about it.

– Barbara Newton


Show Horses

More Vim and Vigor, more Vitality and more personality describes my horses since they have been on Maximum Performance! They really enjoy their work. I put all my show horses on it the minute they come into training. I have had great success even with White Line Disease in the hooves. It also helps them to recover between shows in the summer when our schedule is so grueling. They always have that sparkle and stamina for the Work Offs.
Another thing I like about MP is the horses like to eat it, you give such a small amount, and it’s easy to feed, all in one bag and natural products.

– Melissa Moore (Trainer)

We’ve been using Maximum Performance for 12 months. We’ve got some horses here that no matter how hard we work we can’t get the weight off. You have to watch it to make sure they don’t get too fat. Their hooves have improved 100 percent. Their energy and stamina is excellent. It’s great! It works! I’m the most skeptical person in the world and I’ll be the first to tell you…By gosh, it works. It’s the best stuff.

– Greg Bryant

I am extremely pleased with the progress of my horses since using Maximum Performance. The hair and the hooves on my horses now grow long and healthy, and their attitudes make training a pleasure.

– Howard Hamilton

We’ve spent $33,000 over the past 5 years unsuccessfully trying to get Misty Gold in foal. Within 6 weeks of being put on Maximum Performance she was in foal. All of our walking horses are on it including 6 time World Champion and 3 time World Grand Champion, Pusher’s Benny Boy. We have seen monumental improvements in all our horses. It has even changed their gait. It’s some really good stuff.

– Jimmy Norris

Maximum Performance was added to the diet of a show horse that was requiring numerous joint injections. After 8 weeks of feeding Maximum Performance, we were overjoyed to find that the show horse was producing his own joint fluid! I personally cannot imagine anyone owning, breeding, or training horses, and not supplying them with Maximum Performance! My weanlings and yearlings have a better appetite, consumed more water, were stronger, and appeared healthier.

I have been involved in breeding and showing horses for more than 25 years. I was introduced to Maximum Performance during the summer of 1996, and was asked to test this product on my band of brood mares. I was amazed at the initial consumption of this product, as I thought I had been feeding the highest quality feeds money could buy. After routinely adding Maximum Performance to the diet of my stock, I first observed that my problem mares began to cycle regularly and began to get in foal.

I have 11 mares, ranging in age from 5 to 24 years. For the first time ever, all 11 mares are in foal. My next observation was that the older mares were no longer having problems maintaining pregnancy. Also the weanlings and yearlings have a better appetite, consumed more water, were stronger, and appeared healthier. I personally cannot imagine anyone owning, breeding, or training horses, and not supplying them with Maximum Performance.

– Jerry Stephens

We now feed Maximum Performance to all our stock and have seen great improvement to our stallion. His hips were making noises, but not anymore. Maximum Performance did the trick! His hips don’t make noises, his coat is soft and shiny, and his eyes look brighter. He just feels better. We are so thankful to God that we came across Maximum Performance. If it came in pill form I’d take it, too.

– Mike & Holly Herrell

I had my mare on Platinum Performance and her hair began to fall out in big clumps and I could not get her to get in foal. So I switched to Maximum Performance Horse supplement and in 30 Days not only had her hair coat back shining like a copper penny but she also was checked in foal. I can’t thank Maximum Performance enough. It is all natural chelated calcium and minerals, Biotin, organic Selenium, a digestive enzyme, Vitamins, and electrolytes all in one bag for $25/month/horse. What a bargain!

– Patty


Endurance Horses

I have been feeding Maximum Performance since June 2001 when I first seen the product at the Horse Expo in Sacramento, CA. I began feeding it due to my concern about my Endurance Horse April Windstar getting enough calcium in her diet. I feel Maximum Performance has strengthened her metabolic functions and structure support. Which are two very important functions for an Endurance Horse, due to the long distances they have to travel in one day or multi-day rides.

– Gary & Leisa Belser

IAHA Reg. 2-50 mile ride – Champion 1/2 Arab – BC 1/2 Arab
Quicksilver Fall Classic 50 mile ride – 1st Place
Top Ten 9 out of 12 rides
AERC – Placed 6th in Lightweight Division for West Region
IAHA – High Point 1/2 Arab for 50-99 mile distance

Death Valley Encounter 200 miles 4 Days – Placed 8th, 3rd, 1st, 4th – Fastest Time Overall
IAHA Reg. 2-50 mile ride – Res. Champion 1/2 Arab – BC 1/2 Arab
American River Ride 70 mile ride – 4th Place
Camp Far West 50 mile ride- 1st Place
NASTR 75 mile ride – 2nd Place
Western States Trail Ride (Tevis Cup) 100 miles 1 Day -25th out of 216
IAHA-HA – Legion of Supreme Honor+
AERC – 1000 mile Medallion

Draft, Laminitus, Founder & Cushing's

Case 1:
My 17 year old Palomino Quarter Horse Mare came out of the winter with a very heavy, woolly coat which she was not shedding out. She is cresty of neck and heavy. A possible Cushings sufferer. We started giving her Maximum Performance free choice in a stall feeder. Within 2 weeks, the hair coat began to come out forming a thick blanket on the floor of her stall. She is now a slick golden color. The cresty neck is still partially there, but she is loosing weight, has more energy, and is reaching a healthier state. She has perfect feet, no chips or cracks in spite of her weight and the hard summer ground.

Case 2:
My 14 year old paso fino Mare has a long history of chronic laminitis. She began to have problems last winter and grew increasingly lame and inactive. She became acute in early summer and has suffered through confinement and a multitude of both drug and mechanical efforts to help her. Just in the last few days, she has been treated with a laser applied to the coronary band and her problematic feet. For the first time in months, I actually have hope that she can recover. She is still in some discomfort, but she is brighter, stands without trembling, eats with enthusiasm, and is interested in the world around her: all a vast improvement after only 3 sessions with the laser!

Case 3:
A friend’s retired 26 yr old Quarab Mare has a 5 year history of Laminitis, complicated by severe hypo thyroidism. She had feet plagued by abscesses, structural failure, and pain. Her feet were so dished out that they were almost dinner plate size, even though she is a small horse. She has had a multitude of drug therapy (bute, thyroid powder, circulatory stimulants, etc.), and endless farrier procedures (excision of dead hoof tissue, pads, hoof ointments, shoeing in various odd conformations, etc.). With Maximum Performance, good nutrition (Oats and rice bran with good grass hay) and weight management (the bloated, blimp of a horse is gone), her feet are now near perfect: Straight, strong hoof wall. And best of all, she has been declared sound for riding!

– Phyllis McMurry Tate

I have a 21-year-old, 34 inch miniature horse stallion. We have had him for 13 years and he has always been easy to care for until about 2 years ago. He started having tummy trouble and cresty neck. After blood and stool tests, the vet determined that he had a bleed in the hindgut (because of the type of blood found in the stool) and he had was pre-cushings or insulin resistant. He put him on Sucralfate for the gut and a low sugar diet for the insulin resistance.

The vet said no more beet pulp pellets, feeds with molasses, apples, carrots, etc. He did fine until about 5 months ago, when I started noticing less muscle tone along the topline, hollow areas above the hip bones and the cresty neck returning, as well as lack of pep and energy. I wondered if it was just from getting older and not being driven as much. I started using the Maximum Performance as soon as I bought it at the Western States Horse Expo at the end of January, where our drill team was performing and I had Calypso there for the event, using him in the drill performances. He seemed to improve almost immediately. About 2 weeks after I started using it, I had the vet draw blood and stool for testing again. We were pleased to find that he was perfectly fine on all tests. So I stopped the medicine and even started adding beet pulp pellets again. Calypso’s muscle tone has improved, he has filled out nicely and his pep and vigor has returned. He runs and plays again now.

The Maximum Performance has done very well for him. I am on the second 10-pound bucket now, because I also give it to my 20-year-old taller mini that I drive a lot. I only give each of them about a half ounce each once a day, though I started with more for Calypso for the first month or two. I cannot say that the better test results were just from the Max. Perf. or also from time. But he sure acts and looks better than he has in a year.

– Linda Smith & Calypso, Arizona — Mini Mystique Drill Team |

We originally started using the Maximum Performance Horse Supplement for our draft horses hooves which were cracked, and in poor condition. Immediately, we noticed they had more stamina in the fields working and they didn’t sweat near as much. At the end of the day they ate well and were not stressed. The shine on their coats was another thing we noticed. You could see they were healthy from the inside out. They also drank more water and didn’t lose any weight from the hard work and heat.. Then we noticed how much their hooves started to improve with less cracking, stronger walls, and more supple frogs.

These are our yearling colts. They are raised on hay, grass, and Maximum Performance. They have muscled much earlier, matured in size and are very strong and stout. We noticed that their hooves are also in great shape. We feed no corn to our horses and find they are much healthier. This supplement gives them the nutrients they need to have strong bones, great muscle mass and stamina. We know the horses are getting what they need nutritionally in one bag and no ulcers.

As you can see the weanlings even have more muscle mass, develop quicker and will mature faster on the Maximum Performance. We know their hooves will be in much better condition as they grow also. Their knees also close sooner. We are very pleased with the results we are getting with this supplement with no Ulcers.

This is also a great Supplement to feed to Buggy horses to help them recover from long road trips, keep their hooves in great shape, improve their stamina, nourish their tendons and ligaments, reducing bowed tendons and Ulcers.

– Fresno, OH

Repair Ulcers

I injured my shoulder when I landed on it last year. In 2014 I thought the next step was surgery since I had very limited movement without pain. In September 2014, I started my horses and myself on Maximum Performance within a month I got full range of motion back in my shoulder with NO PAIN!!!

Then I saw tremendous results in my horses who were worn down after getting home from the summer run. (BB Frenchgirl had a hamstring injury) In October JB Famous and I went on to win Reserve World Champion at the WPRA finals 2014 and qualifying for the American in Glen Rose, Tx. In November after only 3 runs, BB Frenchgirl was 5th at the AQHA World Finals in Oklahoma City!

I no longer have to worry about ULCERS in my horses due to the stressful conditions when we are on the road. My horses and I don’t go a day without taking our Maximum Performance!!

– Taylor Langdon | Aubrey, TX

Zubrod Stables, Lindsey Haupt on Ro & Me’s Little Big Man, recovered from an ulcer on Maximum Performance Supplement, and went on to win at Lexington Horse Show. He really likes to eat this supplement and it works to eliminate the ulcer by balancing the pH from acidic to alkaline, nourish the tendons and ligaments, improve stamina and reduce muscle soreness. This is the Calcium that is no longer in the grain and hay in enough quantities.

– Zubrod Stables | Lexington, KY


Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Ferrous Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganese Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide, Cobalt Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Biotin, Riboflavin Supplement, Calcium Panto-Thenate, Folic Acid, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Menadione Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite (source of Vitamin K activity), Choline Chloride, Processed Grain By-products, Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Mineral Oil, Artificial Color, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Two horses that have benefited from our horse supplements for breeders

Guaranteed Analysis

  • CALCIUM, MIN……………………………………. 20.00 %
  • CALCIUM, MAX…………………………………… 24.00 %
  • PHOSPHORUS, MIN ………………………….. 7.00 %
  • MAGNESIUM, MIN …………………………….. 4.50 %
  • ALFALFA MEAL …………………………………. .02%
  • POTASSIUM CHLORIDE ……………………. 1.25 %
  • ZINC, MIN ……………………………………… 3000 PPM
  • COPPER, MIN ………………………………… 1250 PPM
  • MANGANESE, MIN ………………………… 2000 PPM
  • IRON, MIN……………………………………..1500 PPM
  • IODINE, MIN………………………………………. 75 PPM
  • SELENIUM, MIN (ORGANIC) …………………..… 21 PPM
  • VITAMIN A, MIN IU UNITS PER LB…………... 300,000
  • VITAMIN D, MIN IU UNITS PER LB……………….. 30,000
  • VITAMIN E, MIN IU UNITS PER LB………………….. 500