Jaime Gascon, PDS Kennels, uses Maximum Performance Dog supplement for his puppies.  They were all skin and bones, no muscle.  He put them on Maximum Performance dog and in no time they muscled up, grew, and their attention span was amazing for young pups.


Calcium Mineral Supplement for Dogs

You Should Definitely Try Maximum Performance

Our Rottie, Elijah, slipped on the ice and required cruciate repair on his right rear leg. With an excellent surgeon and starting Maximum Performance – Canine, Elijah was well on his way to recovery and the road back to agility competition! Maximum Performance increased Elijah’s energy and stamina. He is a Champion in UKC Conformation and holds agility titles in that venue and others, including Agility Champion Excellent. Maximum Performance has given him strong bones and ligaments and extra energy.

It also took care of hot spots he had for years. He had cruciate repair on the left knee after damage from favoring the first injury. Having already been on Maximum Performance regularly helped him heal quicker than after the previous surgery. He was very upbeat and happy with a beautiful spark in his eyes. Maximum Performance worked wonders on our working dog. We are very happy with the product and recommend it to everyone who wants the best for their dogs!!
-Nancy Sherman

Maximum Performance Truly Works!

My mother sent us Maximum Performance for our miniature Dachshund, Skeeter. Before Maximum Performance we were having trouble keeping her weight up to 4 lbs. Now she is a 5 year old with the attitude of a puppy. Peaches joined our family as a playmate for Skeeter. At 9 months of age she weighed 7.5 lbs. With Maximum Performance our dogs do not have a problem with fleas or worms. Their coats are slick and shiny. Their nails have to be trimmed every week. Both are maintaining a healthy weight. Skeeter doesn’t have to be medicated before her shots now and she has no reaction or swelling. Maximum Performance is a routine in our house!!
-Robyn and Bryan Whitfield

Maximum Performance Healed My Dog!

As a breeder of top quality Golden Retrievers for twenty years, I have noticed many improvements in my dogs using Maximum Performance. In July 2002 we started using Maximum Performance in our breeding program, seeing bigger litters and more vibrant and strong puppies.

Previously we had smaller less vibrant litters with some fatalities. I had a three year old bitch that would not accept a male to breed naturally. Trying different things did not work. Sixty days after starting on Maximum Performance, the bitch was bred naturally and willingly and had twelve strong puppies. They were six days premature, but a few were walking on all four legs which usually takes two to three weeks. All of my dogs are healthy with vibrant coats.
-Diane Enneking.

Maximum Performance Made My Dog a True Champion!

We began adding Maximum Performance Dog Minerals to our dog’s daily diet. We were concerned about the health of Hunter, our ten year old Dual Champion Vizslas. His health and occasional lameness was the result of contracting Lyme disease, Valley fever and long hard running throughout his career. His mobility was limited and any exercise promoted increased lameness. After supplementing Hunter’s food with Maximum Performance Dog Minerals, his health and agility remarkably improved. And, his happy-go-lucky personality once again surfaced. Hunter shows the ability that has made him a champion. Maximum Performance Dog Minerals have made a difference! Thanks!
-Don and Lynn Montambo

Maximum Performance Healed My Dog

“Troubles” was attacked by two German Shepherd dogs. He was 15 years old at the time and
on Maximum Performance. He healed up in two weeks and had to have his staples removed.
His coat is very shiny and he has lots of energy and no weight problem which you might normally see with older dogs. We love this product!
-Betty Jenning

Bel-Mar Dobermans

Bel-Mar Dobermans started over 45 years ago. Breeding for conformation, showing, and selling top quality Dobermans have been top priorities. I have found the feeding and nutrition of these great dogs has been of the utmost importance. My kennel has been using Maximum Performance since May 2002. The results are outstanding. Hair coats are much better; show grooming has been cut down; bitches are whelping faster and with greater ease; puppies are active, stronger, and weigh in at 14 to 18 ounces or more at birth. I use and recommend Maximum Performance for man’s best friend. Give them the quality of good health and life they deserve.

-Priscilla A. Bell

Miracles Do Happen!

13 Year Old Pug Rejuvenated with Maximum Performance!
Twister, my small one eyed 13 year old Pug has proven that miracles do happen. A couple of years ago Twister was attacked by a large dog. The ligaments were torn from her shoulder, trachea damaged, deep lacerations, muscles torn from her front legs and hip damage due to extreme shaking. She seemed to heal and kept on going. However, as a result of the injuries, she continually coughed, limped severely on her front legs, and her back legs and hip were very weak. Then along came Maximum Performance – Canine. I began feeding her 1/8th teaspoon per day mixed with her food. In 3 days we could see some improvement in her movement. Within one week she was moving without pain. Also her eye began to cloud over and now it is clear and bright as a young dog! The continual coughing from the trachea damage is almost gone. She is running around like a younger dog.
-Linda Mangun, CPDT-KA, Jungle Camp Pet Resort and Training, Aubrey, TX 7/14/2013

Ch. Bel-Mar’s Song of Summer

Best of Breed after Maximum Performance! Ch Bel-Mar’s Song of Summer (Kalli) is my 3 year old black Doberman bitch. She has been out as a special in the AKC Confirmation ring since winning her AKC Championship in May 2012. She was awarded her first Best of Breed on May 25th, 2013 just 3 months after starting on Maximum Performance – Canine. Kalli is now a showing machine in the ring! All 3 of my Dobermans are on Maximum Performance now. They all have great coats and improved vigor in the ring and home.
-Vicki Hitzfield, Dayton, OH (7/9/22013)

Defeated My Dog’s Red Mange

As a soldier in the Army and a combat veteran I found a dog at a military veterinarian office.
She had surgery for a broken hip and weighed under 28 lbs. She is a beautiful retriever/bloodhound mix. But she had an awful red mange. I tried everything to get the mange in check.
Nothing worked. Then I found Maximum Performance. Within 2 weeks the red mange started
receding. By one month it was gone. Your product is nothing short of a miracle to my best
friend. She is impossible to contain. Her energy level is perfect and she can clear my six foot privacy fence in a single bound. She weighs 56 lbs and her skin is so soft! Thank you for an excellent product!
-Michael Broughton

Thanks Maximum Performance!

My husband and I adopted a black Lab/mix dog from a no-kill shelter in May 2000. He was a
year old and an outside dog that had been mistreated. His energy was quickly drained even
when playing. And he was shedding! Pepper’s shedding came off in clumps. They were all
over the house! It was an embarrassment taking him to be groomed. There was so much hair
everywhere! Then the groomer recommended Maximum Performance. Since he’s been eating the supplement, he’s trimmed his weight from 84 lbs to 76 lbs. Our vet is impressed with his shiny coat, weight loss and increased level of activity. The "plus” is the totally positive change in Pepper’s overall health and not having to constantly vacuum all that hair!
-Marie Chlopecki

Jamie Gascon PSD kennels


I breed Belgion Malinois and use Maximum Performance on my puppies, they were all bones and no muscle, After using MP, they started muscling up, were brighter, learned quicker and really changed their attitudes. This is a great breeders product.
-Jamie Gascon PSD kennels

Calcium, Vitamin & Mineral Dog Supplement

Maximum Performance Dog supplement provides the calcium & other minerals that are no longer present in the soil through the grains & vegetables. This product was created to combat those deficiencies with the right balance of high Calcium, Minerals with Vitamins to ensure 902& + absorption into the blood stream.

Maximum Performance replaces the nutrients that aren't found in dog foods today.

Red Mange in dogs is caused by an immune deficiency. Maximum Performance Dog Supplement improves the immune system by cleansing the toxins and regenerating the cells. The next generation of cells are stronger, running the body efficiently, without letting illness take root and quietly spreading.

With Maximum Performance Dog Supplement, you give your dog the ability to improve his immune system, recovering in several weeks.

Cancer in dogs can only grow in an acid state. Maximum Performance Canine Supplement helps put the body in a pH balance, allowing the dogs body to flush the toxins and waste from their system. They get more oxygen, more stamina, more flexibility and a greater sense of vitality and calm/well-being.

Maximum Performance Dog Calcium & Mineral Supplement Can:

• Reduce Shedding & Flaking Skin
• Relieve Muscle Soreness
• Relieve Old Age Symptoms
• Prevent Cancer in Dogs
• Prevent Joint Pain & Hip Problems
• Relieve Mange Symptoms
• Bladder Control in Dogs
• Reduce Female Absorption of Puppies
• Eliminate Lack of Colostrum in Females
• Reduce Deformities in Puppies
• Reduce Puppy Deaths
• Reduce Depression in Dogs
• Reduce Anxiety & Hyper-Activity
• Reduce Infection & Immune Deficiencies in Dogs
• Relieve Yeast Infections from Food Allergies in Dogs

Helps With Bladder Control in Dogs
This is caused by dogs being in an ACID STATE. The dog foods today are 27% protein, Crude Fiber and Moisture has a value of 12%. All that protein is very hard on the dogs kidneys. Maximum Performance Canine Supplement can help the dog in one to two days time to be in a pH balance. The urine will be much easier to retain and the dog will quickly start to flush the toxins from his system. In 5 days, you will really see a big difference in your dog’s attitude, energy, and stamina on this Dog Supplement.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • CALCIUM, MIN……………………………………. 20.00 %
  • CALCIUM, MAX…………………………………… 24.00 %
  • PHOSPHORUS, MIN ………………………….. 7.00 %
  • MAGNESIUM, MIN …………………………….. 4.50 %
  • ALFALFA MEAL …………………………………. .02%
  • POTASSIUM CHLORIDE ……………………. 1.25 %
  • ZINC, MIN ……………………………………… 3000 PPM
  • COPPER, MIN ………………………………… 1250 PPM
  • MANGANESE, MIN ………………………… 2000 PPM
  • IRON, MIN……………………………………..1500 PPM
  • IODINE, MIN………………………………………. 75 PPM
  • SELENIUM, MIN (ORGANIC) …………………..… 21 PPM
  • VITAMIN A, MIN IU UNITS PER LB…………... 300,000
  • VITAMIN D, MIN IU UNITS PER LB……………….. 30,000
  • VITAMIN E, MIN IU UNITS PER LB………………….. 500

Dog and Puppy Breeding & Nutrition

This natural Dog Supplement formula can: increase fertility, help prevent Uterine Artery Rupture in older female dogs, help increase milk and colostrum yields and quality, improve ovulation, improve conception rate, allow placenta to release, increase growth rate in puppies, and improve nutrients to puppies allowing for more live births. Maximum Performance Dog Supplement helps your female dog to conceive and produce healthier puppies and provides the nutrients for your females and their puppies healthy formation of life. We have many dog breeders getting more of their females bred that were unable to breed before. Why not take your dog breeding program to the MAX!


Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Proteinate, Copper Sulfate, Ferrous Proteinate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganese Proteinate, Manganese Sulfate, Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide, Cobalt Sulfate, Sodium Selenite, Selenium Yeast, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, Niacin, Biotin, Riboflavin Supplement, Calcium Panto-Thenate, Folic Acid, Thiamine Mononitrate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Menadione Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite (source of Vitamin K activity), Choline Chloride, Processed Grain By-products, Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Mineral Oil, Artificial Color, Natural and Artificial Flavors.

Feeding Directions

Use as a supplemental source of vitamins and minerals for dogs. Feed at the rate of half-ounce daily to dogs weighing 40 lbs. or less and 1 oz. Daily to dogs weighing over 40 lbs.