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The Story Behind Maximum Performance Inc

Calcium is excreted from the body through sweat during periods of physical exercise. Calcium is pulled from the bloodstream as needed by the body and must be replenished through diet. When there is not enough calcium in the diet, the body pulls calcium from the bones, teeth, joints, and connective tissue.

The body must replace about 20% of its total body calcium each year. If there is not an intake of the proper forms of calcium, the bones can degenerate, and in severe cases, leave them like a web. This possible deficiency can affect all of us—horses, dogs, and humans alike.

Research has proven that our soil is very deficient in calcium and other minerals. So, how can we be sure that we are getting all the calcium and nutrients that we need to stay healthy and active for ourselves, our dogs, and our horses?

Maximum Performance provides high-calcium content and the right balance of all the other minerals needed in the purest forms available in a special formula to provide a 90% absorption rate.

You will be amazed by the quick results.

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About Us – Why Use Minerals for Overall Horse and Dog Health

This all-natural calcium plus formula originated from Howard Roberts with the inspiration and guidance of his friend and veterinarian, Dr. Joel Wallach, a two-time Nobel Peace prize winner for his studies as a mineral specialist.

Over the years, while working with the best vets, Howard developed an acute ability to recognize the health issues and clarify solutions for the horses he examined to return to a happy, productive life. Howard began working with another vet on the formula for Maximum Performance Horse Mineral Supplement. This vet explained that the minerals were depleted from the soil and needed to be replaced for a horse to maintain optimum performance, muscle mass, fertility, bone mass, and maximum health.

Howard then worked with David Williams, a nutritionist, to perfect the formula, which included a digestive enzyme, biotin, organic selenium, bioavailable calcium, and more. This formula has proven to be very successful and important as the mineral content in all food has diminished quickly for horses, dogs, and humans.

This product puts the body into an alkaline pH balance, nourishing tendons with elasticity for flexibility and better mobility for the horse and the dog. Minerals also balance the acidity in the stomach-reducing ulcers. Then, the calcium flushes the bile from the body, reducing the fat pockets, improving mobility and stamina, and reducing muscle soreness and irritability.

Howard Roberts played college basketball and learned many things that could be done to help an athlete. He then went on to train horses for over 30 years. His horses won 96 World Grand Championships, including 38 World Grand Championships by his amateur riders.

Howard taught school and was a coach, so he really enjoyed training riders and horses to win. Unfortunately, Howard saw the young horses become stars and winners and then too quickly begin to fade in their ability as 3- and 4-year-old horses.

Howard studied chiropractic, acupuncture, laser therapy, and massage therapy to reduce discomfort in the horses, enhance their natural ability, improve their performance, and make them feel their best.

These calcium and mineral horse and dog supplements have produced world-record-setting racehorses, new track records, and a horse of the year. It has produced a 98% conception rate, reduced OCDs, and helped old horses in their teens come back and win in competitions. It has made old horses and dogs young, so just imagine what the human version could do for you!

Howard has been on the formula for years and is now an active 77-year-old who still rides horses and travels coast to coast. Why not take you, your horse, and your dog to the MAX?