Horse of the Year

Owner and driver, Tim Tetrick uses the Maximum Performance pellets on Shartin N.

Fastest Female Pacer, sets world record 1:46.4 and is Horse of the Year.  Tim Takes the human and Shartin N does the pellets. Congratulation to both.

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I had 6 OCD’s before I started using Maximum Performance supplement,  The next year I had NO OCD’s. Here Comes Herbie stallion got few mares in foal, then 2018 put him on Pellets, and he quickly settles every mare.  My fathers 15 year old driving horse was tripping badly, put him on the granular and he came back to life, still in service with gusto.

-John Schmucker

I had a mare I tried to get in foal for 2 years, nothing. Then I put her on the Maximum Performance and after 30 days she ovulated and was Checked in foal. I rushed in to put her on Regu-Mate, and the vet said to check her first. She did not need the Regu-Mate.  My yearlings are in amazing shape, muscled, no OCD’s and strong bone density. 

-Dave Mast, Shipshewana, IN

I found how well Lily Stride did on the pellets to improve so much to win the Breeders Crown 2018, $500,000 going off 31-1. Then when I went in with others to buy Shartin N, I asked for more pellets and it really made a difference with her as she Broke the WORLD RECORD 2019, Pacers, 1:46.4 then was named HORSE OF THE YEAR. She really calmed down and had stamina forever.

-Tim Tetrick, Driver, Owner of Shartin N